Bailout per person analysis

Group DescriptionPopulation% total
US population in 2007301,000,000100%
US adult population in 2007221,000,00074%
US taxpayers in 2007138,000,00046%
US taxpayers paying more than $0 in 200791,000,00030%
US family households in 200776,000,00025%
US households with children under 18 in 200733,500,00012%

So, a $700,000,000,000 bailout would amount to the following amounts per person:

Every person in the US: $2,325 per person
All adults in the US: $3,482 per adult
All taxpayers in the US: $5072 per taxpayer
All non-zero taxpayers in the US: $7692 per paying taxpayer
All family households in the US: $9210 per family household
All households with minor children in the US: $20,900 per household with children

Census data

There have been a wide range of per-person numbers reported, including chain mails on Facebook sayig $350,000 !? per adult, and even mainstream media saying $15,000 per household.

The closest thing that results in the $15,000 number per household would be:

US white married family households in 2007: 53,000,000
All married white families in the US: $13,207 per white married family

Even this stretch comes up short, and the very notion of mainstream press reporting "$15,000 per household" where household means white, married, families with children is just deceptive. I wonder how they arrived at the $15,000 number.

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Necros said...

Your math is WAY OFF,

It is $23,000 per person.